Essential Scrum
Essential Scrum

Book Errata

Well, you knew it had to happen. An error or two got through the extensive editing cycle. This page lists the known errata for the first edition of the Essential Scrum book.

All Versions (Print and eBook)

Chapter 8, first paragraph, second sentence—change “deliberate debt” to “strategic debt”

Figure 8.2—TTD should be TDD.

Figure 17.3—The Stakeholder icon should NOT have have dashed lines around the people. They should be solid lines.

Chapter 18 page 324—typo (extra “we” in the following sentence—shown in bold). “Let’s say that we have winnowed down the must-have features to the bare minimum and our principal release constraint is still focused on when we can we get those features. In this case we perform release planning as outlined in Table 18.3.”

FIgure 22.4—“Sprint review” should be “Sprint retrospective”

Chapter 22—I incorrectly used the term Emotions Seismograph (like everyone else), when the correct term is really Emotions Seismogram.

eBook Only

Figure 9.9—The dashed line that should be on the Pragmatic Marketing picture did not make into the eBook version. The picture should look like this:

Figure 9.9 of Essential Scrum book