Essential Scrum
Essential Scrum

Chapter 10: ScrumMaster

This chapter describes the ScrumMaster role. I begin by describing the purpose of the role relative to the other Scrum roles. Then I define the principal responsibilities and characteristics of a ScrumMaster. Next I illustrate a “day in the life” of the ScrumMaster, which leads to a discussion of whether or not the ScrumMaster role is full-time. I end by describing the kind of person who typically fulfills the ScrumMaster role.

Chapter Contents:

  • Overview
  • Principal Responsibilities
    • Coach
    • Servant Leader
    • Process Authority
    • Interference Shield
    • Impediment Remover
    • Change Agent
  • Characteristics/Skills
    • Knowledgeable
    • Questioning
    • Patient
    • Collaborative
    • Protective
    • Transparent
  • A Day in the Life
  • Fulfilling the Role
    • Who Should Be a ScrumMaster?
    • Is ScrumMaster a Full-Time Job?
    • ScrumMaster Combined with Other Roles
  • Closing