Essential Scrum
Essential Scrum

Chapter 18: Release Planning (Longer-Term Planning)

Release planning is longer-term planning that enables us to answer questions like “When will we be done?” or “Which features can I get by the end of the year?” or “How much will this cost?” Release planning must balance customer value and overall quality against the constraints of scope, schedule, and budget. This chapter discusses how release planning fits into the Scrum framework and how to perform release planning on both fixed-date and fixed-scope releases.

Chapter Contents:

  • Overview
    • Timing
    • Participants
    • Process
  • Release Constraints
    • Fixed Everything
    • Fixed Scope and Date
    • Fixed Scope
    • Fixed Date
    • Variable Quality
    • Updating Constraints
  • Grooming the Product Backlog
  • Refine Minimum Releasable Features (MRFs)
  • Sprint Mapping (PBI Slotting)
  • Fixed-Date Release Planning
  • Fixed-Scope Release Planning
  • Calculating Cost
  • Communicating
    • Communicating Progress on a Fixed-Scope Release
    • Communicating Progress on a Fixed-Date Release
  • Closing