Essential Scrum
Essential Scrum

Chapter 9: Product Owner

This chapter expands the description of the product owner role. I begin by explaining the purpose of this role relative to other Scrum roles. Then I detail the principal responsibilities and characteristics of a product owner. Next I present a “day in the life” of a product owner over the course of multiple weeks. I then discuss who should be a product owner for different types of product development. I conclude by describing how the product owner role can be combined with other roles and how it can be scaled up into a product owner team.

Chapter Contents:

  • Overview
  • Principal Responsibilities
    • Manage Economics
    • Participate in Planning
    • Groom the Product Backlog
    • Define Acceptance Criteria and Verify That They Are Met
    • Collaborate with the Development Team
    • Collaborate with the Stakeholders
  • Characteristics/Skills
    • Domain Skills
    • People Skills
    • Decision Making
    • Accountability
  • A Day in the Life
  • Who Should Be a Product Owner?
    • Internal Development
    • Commercial Development
    • Outsourced Development Project
    • Component Development
  • Product Owner Combined with Other Roles
  • Product Owner Team
    • Product Owner Proxy
    • Chief Product Owner
  • Closing