About Us

About Us

Why Choose Innolution?

Ken Rubin, Innolution's principal consultant has a unique mix of technical and managerial skills that enables him to work closely with technical teams and senior executive teams. Since adopting an agile approach to software development frequently involves multiple levels within an organization, an ability to work flexibly and effectively at multiple levels is extremely valuable.

Technical Team 

Highlights of experience relevant to technical teams:

  • Trained as a Computer Scientist (undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech and graduate degree from Stanford)
  • Worked as a developer on numerous software development projects
  • Recognized expert in Object-Oriented Technology
  • Developed an object-oriented analysis and design methodology (called Object Behavior Analysis)
  • Co-author, along with Adele Goldberg, of the book Succeeding with Objects: Decision Frameworks for Project Management.
  • Author of over 30 publications on topics ranging from managing object-oriented projects, object-oriented analysis and design, artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction.
  • One of the earliest adopters and long-time user of the Smalltalk development system, which enabled the first Scrum projects in the early 1990s
  • Trained over 5,000 developers in object-oriented development
  • Trained over 3,000 people in project management
  • Presented tutorials, workshops and papers at over 100 conferences and to companies on six continents
  • Fulfilled the role of ScrumMaster on numerous projects
  • Fulfilled the role of Product Owner on numerous projects
  • Act as Agile Coach to several companies who are adopting Agile

Executive Team 

Highlights of experience relevant to executive teams:

  • 20 years of business experience with both large-public as well as pre-IPO software companies
  • Held a variety of senior level positions including: CEO, COO, VP of Engineering, VP Commercial Development, VP Business Development, VP Sales, VP Marketing, VP of Product Management, and VP Professional Services
  • Held Board of Director positions at two companies
  • Have developed and executed many software business plans ranging from company-wide to project specific
  • Managed a 130 consulting group at IBM that developed large distributed object systems for banks, insurance companies, petroleum companies
  • Have developed numerous strategic and go-to-market plans