About Us

About Us


Facts About Ken Rubin and Innolution
Technical and business people trained  > 33,000
Companies coached (Fortune 10 to startup)  > 200
Years doing Agile (originally the Smalltalk community)   > 30
Year of 1st Scrum implementation  2000
Successful enterprise agile transformations > 10
Largest # of teams involves in an agile transformation > 1100
Largest single agile project (# of people) > 2500
Managing Director of the Scrum Alliance 2007
Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) Since 2007
Innolution established 1997
Innolution headquarters New Hampshire USA



I wrote Essential Scrum, THE BOOK on Scrum, translated into 10 languages

Essential Scrum English    Polish    BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE    Russian    Chinese

Simplified ChineseFrenchGermanKorean



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