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Learn into It! – A Key Aspect of the Agile Mindset

For the past year and half, I have been coaching a very large company through its agile transformation. When I first started, I noticed that a particular expression was frequently used by several different people. The expression is “learn into it.”

I like this…

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3 Mistakes Leaders Make that Hamper Scrum & Agile Adoptions

Many things can go wrong when organizations implement Scrum. And too often, the very leaders who pushed for an agile adoption are the ones who unwittingly create roadblocks and obstacles to its success. This article discusses 3 big mistakes I see leaders make when…

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Allow for Uncertainty with Built-In Slack – The Flying Spare Example

Planning for all contingencies in a complex environment is not realistic. Things frequently can and do go wrong. If all available resources have been fully allocated to complete the planned work, then when high-priority unexpected work (or more precisely, unplanned-for…

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