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5 Challenges Facing Self-Organizing Teams

Most organizations that employ agile ways of working, like Scrum, focus on self-organizing teams. In these organizations, operational decisions are delegated to teams, whose members have the most detailed knowledge of the consequences and practicalities associated with…

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Want More Work Done Sooner? Remember, Cash Can’t Code!

Cash Can't Code!Cash Can’t Code!”  A colleague of mine (Chris Conrad) once told me this. The context of our discussion was about leveraging more resources to complete a large book of work by the end of the year. His main point is clear, having money to throw at the problem wasn’t going…

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Cross-Functional vs. T-Shaped: Are They the Same Concept?

As an agile coach I work with many companies and the terms “cross-functional” and “T-Shaped” get tossed about quite a bit. Do they mean the same thing? Certainly, many people use them synonymously.

To avoid confusion when organizing agile teams and larger agile…

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