lean ux

A practice that integrates design thinking, core agile principles, and lean startup principles that is used by a cross-functional team of designers, developers, and product managers to bring the true nature of the work to light faster, with less emphasis on deliverables and greater focus on the actual experience being designed. Lean UX is based on the following core principles:

  • Development + Product Management + UX = 1 Product Team
  • Visualize thinking for all to see
  • Goal-driven and outcome focused
  • FLOW: Think-Make-Check
  • Focus on solving the right problem
  • Generate many options
  • Decide quickly which options to pursue and hold decisions lightly
  • Recognize hypotheses and validate them
  • Research with users is the best source of information

See book Lean UX: Designing Great Products with Agile Teams, by Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden.