Beyond Agile Pilot Stage? Time to Embrace Agile Budgeting, Planning, and Cost Accounting!

Traditional forms of budgeting, planning, and cost accounting do not align well with agile-based development. For example, detailed up-front annual budgets and business plans, utilization-based planning and execution, and large budgeting and planning batches can thwart or even compromise the downstream agile development process. And cost accounting measures that are based on standards that assume development will proceed in a waterfall fashion don’t work well and can have severe economic consequences when agile is the predominant development style.

This presentation offers sound strategies to help fiscally responsible companies reap the real benefits of agility by better aligning high-level budgeting, planning, and cost accounting with downstream agile development. Learn how to avoid the damage caused when senior management operates the company using one set of principles and downstream teams develop with a different set of principles.

You can watch the video of this presentation here!