Training & Coaching

Innolution provides a full range of private (company specific) and public agile training as well as a full range of agile coaching. All work is performed by Ken Rubin.

Agile Training

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

Two-day certification class emphasizing the core competencies of the ScrumMaster role focusing on helping the Scrum team work and learn together. Appropriate for ScrumMasters, project managers, programmers, and testers.

Certified ScrumMaster (CSPO)

Two-day certification class for those on the business side of products or projects. Emphasis is placed on the product vision and the planning and prioritization of product backlog items to delight the customer.

Working on a Scrum Team

Either a two-day class (non-certification) or three-day class (qualifying for CSM certification) that is intended for all members of the Scrum Team and their managers. Seamlessly weaves together the topics of core agile/Scrum, user stories, estimating, and planning.

Writing Effective User Stories

Either a one-day or two-day class that provides the knowledge and tools needed to identify and write effective, understandable, and useful user stories. This class is only taught privately so we can deep dive into writing your company’s user stories.

Applying Kanban

Two-day, hands-on, exercise-driven class covering core principles and practices of the Kanban method. Team members work together to model one of their company's workflows and then create and revise a Kanban board to represent that workflow.

Agile Leadership

Private, highly customized class to address the needs of the leadership involved in an agile adoption. Typically includes portfolio planning, organizational structuring, risk management, and the core agile mindset.


Agile coaching

Innolution provides a full range of agile coaching and mentoring services. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Large end-to-end organization agile adoptions including development teams and non-developments groups (such as finance, HR, marketing, legal, risk, etc.).

Work with executive teams on the numerous critical decisions that must be made in a successful agile adoption.
Focus on assisting non-development areas with their agile adoption (using both Kanban and Scrum).
Work with software, firmware, and hardware development teams to adopt and become more effective using Scrum and Kanban.