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Economically Sensible Change

In the VersionOne 9th Annual State of the Agile Survey, 56 percent of the respondents cited “the ability to manage changing priorities” as a reason for adopting agile. That doesn’t surprise me at all, since more traditional forms of development are quite fragile to changing…

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The Anatomy of a Keynote Speech

I get a lot of questions about speaking, including how I prepare, how I engage the audience, and so on. For example, in May 2014 I gave the opening keynote presentation at the Global Scrum Gathering in New Orleans. Immediately after I completed my speech (and continuously…

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Make Better Decisions with Economically Sensible Scrum

Even if all of your teams perform Scrum or any Agile process exactly right, in a textbook-like fashion, you might not achieve your organization’s goals for adopting Agile. Why? In most cases, when organizations fail, it is because they did not apply core Agile principles at…

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