Agile Development Resources

Welcome to's agile and Scrum resources section, which hosts a variety of accessible and downloadable resources to learn and share. View and download presentations, watch videos, listen to audio files, license agile graphics and dive into industry definitions. Enjoy!

Agile and Scrum Presentations

View and download in PDF format past agile and Scrum presentations given at conferences and groups around the globe by Innolution's Ken Rubin. Topics include economically sensible Scrum, a manager's guide to Scrum, strategies for agile portfolio management and managing technical debt, to name a few. 

Agile and Scrum Videos

Access videos of Ken Rubin discussing various agile topics.

Agile and Scrum Graphics

The Visual AGILExicon® (VAL) is one of Innolution's most popular resources. The VAL section contains the visual language for agile and Scrum concepts used in Ken Rubin's, “Essential Scrum” book and in his presentations. Here, you can license (for free) and download the graphics for use in presentations, to share with colleagues and more. 

Agile and Scrum Glossary 

Innolution's agile and Scrum glossary is perhap's the industry's most comprehensive collection of agile and Scrum terminology in one place. Look up words from A to Z for a better understanding of the language that makes up the Scrum framework and agile practice.