nice-to-have dependency

A dependency that we would like to be satisfied, but if it isn’t, the associated work item will not get blocked (in any material way). Nice-to-have dependencies can be excluded in the calculation of the number of dependencies in the dependency set of a work item.

For example, let’s say:

  • there is a work item (e.g., an Epic) that has three shared dependencies on other teams
  • assume two of those dependencies absolutely must be satisfied or the work item would not be considered complete (these are must-have dependencies)
  • the third dependency is optional, meaning if the dependency isn’t satisfied, we can still deliver the work item if the other two must-have dependencies are satisfied
  • then the cardinality of the dependency set is two, corresponding to the two must-have dependencies and excluding the nice-to-have dependency. 

Contrast with must-have dependency.