Visual AGILExicon® Overview

The Visual AGILExicon® is a way of describing core Scrum and agile concepts in a graphically rich and visually appealing manner. The pictures in the Essential Scrum book and Innolution's training classes are based on this new visual lexicon.

You can browse and search the Visual AGILExicon here.

I created the lexicon for several reasons:

  1. I believe that many people (including me) find it easier to understand and retain concepts by seeing clear and compelling visual representations rather than just text.
  2. There are many existing pictures of Scrum and agile concepts, but they are all drawn differently and therefore a presentation or book composed from them would look disjointed or hacked together.
  3. The most popular version of the Scrum framework picture specifically doesn't show core Scrum practices such as sprint review and sprint retrospective, and is therefore incomplete.

So, for these and other reasons I decided to create my own visual lexicon that is used to compose many of the over 200 pictures in the Essential Scrum book and also many of the slides in my training presentations.


I've been approached by many Scrum and agile trainers and practitioners who want to include my pictures in their own presentations to better communicate Scrum and agile concepts. Others also want to use the core stand-alone icons to compose their own pictures. It was always my intention to make the visual lexicon and the pictures I created from it available to those you wanted to use them.


Initially I was planning to make the Visual AGILExicon available via a Creative Commons license. However, there isn't a particular license that perfectly fits what people want to do with the visual lexicon and how I wanted to license it. In particular, a critical dimension that distinguishes some of Creative Commons licenese is whether what you license can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes. My intent was to license the Visual AGILExicon at NO COST for specific uses, which include both commercial and non-commercial uses, so no Creative Commons license was a direct fit.

The license allows you to use the Visual AGILExicon for:

  1. Inclusion in presentations delivered internal to your organization or company.
  2. Inclusion in presentations delivered to third parties or in a public forum as part of a commercial or non-commercial transaction (e.g., delivering a presentation as part of a training class or delivering a presentation at a conference).
  3. Reproduce and deliver handouts of presentations in support of 1 or 2.
  4. Use of Intranets, internal portals, and internal Wikis.

To support these uses I created a license that is substantially based on the Creative Commons core and some other licenses commonly used by media licensing sites (like many of the sites where you can license a photo). You can read the Visual AGILExicon license here to see if it is acceptable to you.

The Process

Here is how you can go about acquiring the Visual AGILExicon. 

  1. At anytime you can browse thumbnails of each element of the Visual AGILExicon here.
  2. If you select a thumbnail on the browse page you will see a pop-up window of a larger version of the element that contains an Innolution watermark. This pop-up window will also have a button to start the licensing process.
  3. If you want to license one or more of the elements of the Visual AGILExicon at NO COST you will need to create an Innolution account and electronically accept the full Visual AGILExicon License Agreement.
  4. Once you accept the License Agreement and you return to the browse page, if you now select a thumbnail of an element the pop-up window will now contain a hi-res downloadable image that does not have the Innolution watermark.
  5. As part of the license agreement, you will are required to insert one slide in your presentation that provides appropriate attribution.