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Why Be Perfect Up Front When You Can Be Agile?

“We have to get it right before we start!” Sounds kind of waterfall-esque, doesn’t it? You’d think that the people saying this might be referring to getting their requirements right up front. But no! What they are referring to are the details of how they will apply agile

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Scrum Teams, Idle Work, and Adaptive Planning

Highlights from a recent All Things Agile podcast

Back in January, Ronnie Andrews Jr., host of the popular podcast All Things Agile, interviewed me about key concepts from my Essential Scrum book. Our conversation touched on many interesting topics, including the…

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Plan Like an Extreme Skier

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 14 (Scrum Planning Principles) of my book Essential Scrum.

I live in Colorado where the skiing is world-class. Occasionally I do some recreational skiing, but I’m no expert. A friend of mine, John, is an extreme skier.…

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