Visual AGILExicon®



Have you read the Essential Scrum book or attended one of Innolution's training classes and are looking to use some of the pictures you saw in your own presentations?  Congratulations, you have landed on the home page of the Visual AGILExicon® (pronounced Visual Agile Lexicon).


The Visual AGILExicon® is a way of describing core Scrum and agile concepts in a graphically rich and visually appealing manner. The pictures in the Essential Scrum book and Innolution's training classes are based on this new visual lexicon.

I created the lexicon for several reasons:

  1. I believe that many people (including me) find it easier to understand and retain concepts by seeing clear and compelling visual representations rather than just text.
  2. There are many existing pictures of Scrum and agile concepts, but they are all drawn differently and therefore a presentation or book composed from them would look disjointed or hacked together.
  3. The most popular version of the Scrum framework picture specifically doesn't show core Scrum practices such as sprint review and sprint retrospective, and is therefore incomplete.

So, for these and other reasons I decided to create my own visual lexicon that is used to compose many of the over 200 pictures in the Essential Scrum book and also many of the slides in my training presentations.

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Attribution Download the image you must include in your presentations that provides proper attribution (credit) to Innolution as the source of the images you are using. You are required to include this image in each presentation that uses Visual AGILExicon images.